Safer, more reliable and more attractive

Our long-term experience and optimal modernisation solutions enable us to upgrade your equipment to the state of the art. Our highly qualified technicians are able to provide an in-depth analysis and advise you what is appropriate for your particular equipment: a full package solution, replacement of accessories/individual components, or a complete overhaul.  

Retrofitting or full modernisation of the equipment brings many advantages including:

Increased availability;
Increased performance (throughput);
Increased system lifetime;
Compliance with legal safety requirements.

Services offered:

Relocation of equipment with technical adjustment (modifications to controls, mechanical adjustment, new components);
Complete overhauls on-site;
Factory overhauls (incl. disassembly, transportation, overhaul, materials, assembly and commissioning);
System extension with new materials;
System extension through the use of existing materials from own or third-party stock;
Replacement of controls (complete control cabinet or parts thereof, e.g. PLC);
Replacement and upgrading of components (drive components, safety technology, data communications);
Adjustment to changed mechanical and electrical requirements;
Retrofitting safety technology.