Improving the performance, energy efficiency and material flow

We are able to coordinate the whole modernisation process for you. From planning through to engineering, installation and commissioning, we ensure the new system meets all relevant statutory and performance requirements.  


We can perform the following common system modernisations:

PLC upgrades (Siemens, Allen Bradley, Mitsubishi, Omron, etc.);
Mobile equipment (ETV/TV/SRM) overhaul or replacement;
DC to AC drive conversion;
Safety system upgrades;
Horizontal & vertical speed / positioning system upgrades;
SCADA system upgrades;
Sensor upgrades.

Typical System enhancements may include:

Integration of additional storage, conveying or throughout capacity;
Integration of additional weighing, bar code scanning, cool room facilities etc.;
Integration of vertical conveying capacity;
Integration of X Ray machines;
Conversion of unpowered to powered conveyors;
IT application replacement;
Process optimisation;
Equipment dismantling, relocation.

All modernisations and enhancements are based on an integrated approach to solving the problem which takes into account our expertise in:

Concept / Layout design;
Operational / material handling processes;
Mechanical design & integration;
Electrical design & integration;
PLC programming;
IT networks, platforms, peripherals and software applications.